i notice how most people try to make everything same
but god created every thing unique

we should make thing more unique


By momofaith2


X-mas. the 1st letter of that word is crooked it should be


By momofaith2

my prayer

Dear God,
my heart & my life R filled with U, filled w/ your ❤ & wonderfulness. I ❤ U more than I ❤ the air that I breath. I need U O God as I need the air. so among all of this U R the God of heaven, Creator of land, Ruler of  the sea, owner of all. I don’t deserve U. U R 2 good 4 me. yet U ❤ me U gave your son 2 us and we rejected him. U let us even kill him. but U can and did turn the worst situations 2 the best thing that ever happened. I both want and need you. & I ❤ U as I ❤ my father.
in your name Amen

By momofaith2